Solefrutta Calabrian Blood Orange fruit jam 340g

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This Blood orange marmalade is ideal spread on toast or used in cakes or pies. The red oranges give this jam its typical reddish color. It is also delicious paired with goat cheeses, Piedmontese toma, taleggio, mozzarella and also tasty with semi-seasoned and seasoned pecorino cheese, seasoned parmesan, and caciocavallo.

Ingredients: juice, pulp and peel of red oranges cut into small pieces, sugar.

82% fruit* These jams BURST with flavour. If you can taste a region, then it is in this product. They are outstanding in that they specialise in Clementines, oranges, bergamot and lemon and of course, liquorice and it is the heat of Calabria and the oustanding varieties that make them so sweet and tasty. These jams with their citrus theme reflect the region so well. Massimo who produces them is a jolly chap, really passionate about his fruits, so proud of them. Don't expect them to be like marmalade - they are thick 82% fruit, jams, fresh, citrussy with a natural sweetness, amazing on proper bread for breakfast, used to glaze lamb, eat with cheese...... And enjoy.

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Solefrutta Calabrian Blood Orange fruit jam 340g

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Written by Philip Hill on 12th Sep 2022

Solefrutta Calabrian Blood Orange fruit jam

One of my favourite jams of all times. The taste is incredible and you want to have more and more

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