Valfrutta Petit Pois Peas 360g

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Product Description

Valfrutta Petit Pois Peas 360g 

Quality petit pois from Valfrutta in glass 360g Your child doesn't eat vegetables?  Have you tried letting him taste peas?Bright green, the Italian peas from Valfrutta bring a note of color and sweet taste to the table and to everyday dishes, offering speed and versatility. Already cooked, just put a teaspoon on your child's plate and you'll see how delicious it is!” Very small Italian peas that are tender and sweet because they are processed fresh the same day. Boiled naturally and without preservatives, they are a product with a genuine sweetness that offers you all the freshness of nature and a rich supply of fiber and proteins, for a healthy and balanced diet.

Ingredients: Fresh Peas, water,sugar, salt. Storage: store in a cool, dry place
Certifications: Italian product, preservative-free

Nutritional Values (per 100 g):

Energy  -  301kJ / 72kcal

Fat  -  0,9g

of which saturated -  0,3g

Carbohydrates  -  7,6g

of which sugars  -  2,4g

Fibre  -  6,9g

Protein  -  4,9g

Salt  -  0,6g