Valfrutta Cannellini Beans 360g

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Product Description

Valfrutta Cannellini Beans 360g 
Cannellini Valfrutta have a tender and delicate flavour because they are processed with extreme care. A light and genuine product, rich in fibre and proteins, ideal for a healthy and balanced diet. Your dear friend is visiting you for lunch. She warns you, however, that she has become a vegetarian. And what do you prepare now? And why don't you use legumes instead of vegetables? You can prepare delicious dishes with Valfrutta Cannellini Beans. Cannellini beans, also known as white beans, are versatile and have a delicate flavor. Valid meat substitutes. So, fly with your imagination, try some delicious recipes where this tasty and genuine product is the protagonist.

Ingredients: Rehydrated Dried Cannellini Beans, water, salt. Storage: store in a cool, dry place
Certifications: Italian product, preservative-free

Nutritional Values (per 100 g):

Energy  -  367kJ / 87kcal

Fat  -  0,4g

of which saturated -  0,1g

Carbohydrates  -  12,1g

of which sugars  -  0,4g

Fibre  -  6,6g

Protein  -  5,5g

Salt  -  0,9g