Valfrutta Borlotti Beans 360g

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Product Description

Valfrutta Borlotti Beans 360g

Italian borlotti beans jarred and ready for heating. 100% Italian Borlotti BeansItalian Borlotti beans with a rich flavor and full-bodied consistency Product with a high protein content and natural source of fibre Freshly processed Borlotti beans, boiled naturally, without preservatives Tasty and genuine product, they are a valid alternative to meat Ideal for a healthy, balanced, genuine, nutritious diet  You invited your friend for dinner, you haven’t seen her in a long time! By message, however, she says she has become a vegetarian. Don’t get discouraged.Did you know that you can make delicious dishes with pulses? Try Valfrutta Italian Borlotti Beans. Borlotti beans are a healthy legume, low in fat but rich in protein. A valid substitute for meat.  So, fly with your imagination and try some tasty recipes where this tasty and genuine product is the star.

Ingredients: Borlotti beans, water, salt. Storage: store in a cool, dry place
Certifications: Italian product, preservative-free

Nutritional Values (per 100 g):

Energy  -  362kJ / 86kcal

Fat  -  0,5g

of which saturated -  0,1g

Carbohydrates  -  12g

of which sugars  -  1,1g

Fibre  -  4,9g

Protein  -  5,6g

Salt  -  0,7g