Lupini Beans

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*Heritage Variety* Eaten since Ancient Egyption times. 

Lupini beans are a speciality of Puglia and often served with a beer. They are boiled in salted water and have little jackets around them. Squeeze them and out they pop, you eat them, the salt makes you buy more beer! Like all beans they are very easy to grow. Sow Mar-May. 100g The lupin is devoid of starch, which is very unusual for a species of edible bean. Lupins have a thick seed coat (25%) which consists mainly of cellulose (insoluble bran fiber) and is removed as the first step in processing. The kernel (split) of lupin is rich in protein (40%), fiber (40%) and moderate in fat (8%) made up largely of unsaturated fatty acids. Must be prepared in the correct way by soaking and changing the water regularly and boiling to release toxins. 

Lupini Beans

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