Chicory / Radicchio Rosa AKA 'Rosalba'

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From our professional range, 300 seeds and the most wonderful pink cream radicchio from this very productive Mid/Late variety. Sweet and crunchy, it resists the cold and has a long harvesting season over winter. Sow in the summer from June to August for a harvest in December and January.

Chicory / Radicchio Rosa AKA 'Rosalba'

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Written by Fred Cattle on 22nd Mar 2021

Radicchio Rosa Rosalba

I grew this in 2020 and regretted not planting more. While my other winter salad crops, (including other varieties of radicchio), succumbed to the bad weather, these were largely unaffected. It is important to plant them at the right time so they are a good size when winter arrives. I did cover with a fleece during the really bad weather. I have again bought seed to plant in 2021.

Written by John Townsend on 24th Aug 2020


This grew well but did not “heart up” to produce the crisp pink leaves expected

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