Cima Di Rapa 40

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*Heritage Variety*
V72 - '40 Days'. Very early turnip top, used to make the famous pasta dish 'Orecchiette e Cima di Rapa'. This is a rustic plant that produces many tender sprouting broccoli florets.
40 days to harvest!!

Approximate seeds quantity:@4800 
Sow: from March - September 
and harvest May - mid October

Cima Di Rapa 40

Product Reviews

Written by Maryline Vautravers on 20th Sep 2020

Coma di rapa 40

A totally new vegetable for us. Cropping well in September. Will definitively plant some more often. My hens love the leaves too.

Written by Ruth on 31st Aug 2020

Cima de rapa seeds

These seeds germinated but were nothing like the description - they had small yellow flowers and were tiny. Very disappointed

Written by Maggie Thompson on 16th Jun 2020

cima di rapa 40 days

Perfect veg. to fill the "hungry gap" for early/mid spring. Some shoots to pick very quickly as it says on the tin!

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