Durum Wheat Di Bari Tagliolini Rigati Pasta with Salmon 250g

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Product Description

Durum Wheat Tagliolina Rigata Pasta with Salmon 250g

The wheat Tagliolina Rigata pasta with Salmon,Artisanal pasta made of bronze and subjected to a slow drying treatment to keep the qualitative characteristics of the raw material the same.
Follows the method of Craftsman's manufacture that provide a slow drying on tray at low temperature,to guarantee you the conservation of organoleptic properties of wheat.


Bring 4 liters of water to the boil in the large pot.Add salt if desired.Ass the pasta,stir gently, and bring back to the boil,cook for about 7/8 minutes,stirring frequently.Taste from time to time to determinate the cooking of the pasta.Add a cup of cold water to the pot to stop cooking. Drain well and serve immediately.

Nutritional Information for 100g

Energy: 1.540kJ / 363kcal

fat: 1,3g

of which saturates 0,5g

Carbohydrate: 75g

of which sugar: 2,0g

Fiber: 1,6g

Protein: 12g