Star Beef Broth "Brodo di Manzo"1L

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Product Description

Star Beef Broth "Brodo di Manzo"1L
Experience a rich, hearty broth that's packed with flavour and sure to tantalize your taste buds! Star's Mio Brodo Di Manzo is made with fresh ingredients, ensuring that each sip is full-bodied and satisfying. Enjoy the delicious flavour and superior quality in every cup!
Ingredients: Water,Beef 2,8%, Beef 1.2%, Vegetables 0.7% (leek, tomato, carrot, celery ), salt, Natural flavors (with milk), Meat extract 0.05%, Natural celery flavour, Spices .GLUTEN FREE
Allergens:  May contain EGGS. Does not contain Gluten, Contains Milk,Contains Celery.
Additives: Without preservatives because it is sterilized at 150 degrees
Per 100g        Per portion
Energy  -  8kJ - 19 kJ - 2kcal - 4kcal
Fats  -  0g     0g                       
of which: saturated fatty acids  -  0g - 0g 
Carbohydrates  -  1,0g  -  2,5g
of which sugars    -   0g  - 0,5g
Fibers  -   0g   -   0g
Proteins   -   0,5g   -   0,5g
Salt    -    0,79g   -  2,0g