Star Chicken Broth "Brodo di Pollo"1L

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Product Description

Star Chicken Broth "Brodo di Pollo"1L
Introduce your taste buds to a world of flavor with Il Mio Brodo Di Pollo! Our unique chicken-based broth will tantalize your tastebuds, delivering a medley of savory, robust tastes. Just a single spoonful and you'll be hooked - a cup of this rich, homemade-style broth will tantalize your palate and leave you asking for more. Try it today and taste the Star difference! Chicken Broth ready to eat in brick is suitable for soups, risotto and white meats. 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives, without glutamate, with the special cap open and close. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 2 days.
Nutritional Value - Per 100g    -    Per portion
Energy  -  7kJ - 17kJ  -   2kcal - 4kcal
Fats  -  0g     0g                       
of which: saturated fatty acids  -  0g - 0g 
Carbohydrates  -  0,5g  -  0,5g
of which sugars    -   0,5g  - 0,5g
Fibers  -   0g   -   0g
Proteins   -   0,5g   -   0,5g
Salt    -    0,75g   -  1,9g