Food Dryer Seccatutto Ghibli By Novital

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Product Description

*Mainland UK only*

Professional food dryer, made by a chicken incubator company! Sun drieds, fruit leathers, apple rings, prunes, herbs, banana, pineapple, porcini etc.

Dryer par excellence! Who needs the sun when you need to dry mushrooms, fruit (banana, pineapple, strawberries, prunes etc), vegetables especially tomatoes, pasta and any other type of food without being bound by weather conditions.

The particular heating (two 500W heating elements/each) and air circulation (an effective fan allows a perfect circulation of hot air in all trays) system removes the water content from the food, thus drying the food evenly whilst retaining their properties and the natural fragrance intact.

By following the precise instructions, the five roomy trays allow drying large quantities of product and make this machine an household appliance that is indispensable for every family that prefers to use healthy and non-preserved food. Eat healthy food by following the tradition!