Balcony / Patio Greenhouse By Novital on wheels *UK Only*

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*Mainland UK only*

Quality-made in Italy. Sanremo is the new greenhouse for balconies. It is easy to assemble without any tools; during cold seasons three deep trays let you grow flowers, veg and other plants in a protected environment. The greenhouse is equipped with a transparent cover, with two zipper openings to reach the shelves easily.

The Sanremo greenhouse is lightweight and easy to handle. The structure is completely made of food-grade plastic, easy to move thanks to the four wheels. Available in green, the vertical structure is a great solution to save space and without the cover it is also possible to use it during warm weather to grow flowers, plants and vegetables. The container without the bottom tray can be used for the cultivation of long rooted plants. 

Balcony / Patio Greenhouse By Novital on wheels *UK Only*

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