Brezzo Chestnut Honey 250g *Gluten Free*

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*Gluten Free* Dark with a deep,  pleasant bitter caramel flavour,  highly prized.  A really excellent honey for milk and honey,  glazing gammon or lamb,  baking and superb in Greek yoghurt.  Produced in Piemonte 

Pasturised honey is not safe for small children, but raw honey is because it contains 2 enzimes Acelilcolina which is not only a natural antibiotic but kills or stops Clostridium Botulinum from forming in the jar of honey and naturally would stop their larvae becoming ill.  The other is Invertasi which makes the glucose and the fructose break down in the honey making it more digestible.
Brezzo Chestnut Honey 250g *Gluten Free*

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Written by Gina Taylor on 21st Jan 2022


Delicious honey. Excellent product, provided by excellent service, from an excellent company. So pleased to be able to get this chestnut honey in Britain.

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