Bonomelli Chamomile 18 Camomilla Tea bags

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Product Description

Chamomile tea is caffeine free and drunk in Italy before bed, also ideal for giving to children. A spoon of honey and lemon enhances the flavour. Very good quality, made with whole flours and not powder. 18 tea bags.

Bonomelli Sifted Chamomile contains only the central part of the chamomile flower, the richest in precious essential oils. It is a high quality natural product made from crops selected with care by Bonomelli in Italy and around the world to guarantee the virtues of chamomile together with a unique and special taste. It is the perfect to enjoy during a relaxing moment in the evening or after meals.
Main properties: Soothing, calming and sleep-inducing. Antibacterial: helps prevent bacterial infections. Antispasmodic: encourages the elimination of spasms. Anti-inflammatory. Soothing: fosters a sense of better digestion.

Ingredients:  Camomile flowers. Gluten free. Sugar.

Preparation and Use Methods:

1 - Bring the filter into a cup and gently pour boiling water, if possible not directly onto the filter.

2 - Leave the chamomile to infuse for 4-5 minutes (preferably covering the cup, so as to keep the fragrance of the perfume that characterizes it).

3 - You can enjoy it plain or sweetened, preferably with honey.

4 - Once prepared, you can also enjoy it cold because it keeps the flavor and all its properties unchanged.