Fennel and Chamomile Herbal Tea (Tisana) 18 tea bags

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Product Description

Fennel and Chamomile Herbal Tea (Tisana) 18 tea bags

Constantly looking for quality. From 1964 to today, the POMPADOUR brand has become a symbol of quality, responsibility and excellence, On 14 July 1882 the parent company R. Seelig and Hille Sas was founded in Dresden, in 1892 Rudolf Anders and Eugen Nissle, two young entrepreneurs with a pioneering spirit, took over the company and introduced one of the most revolutionary innovations on the tea market: for first, they market tea blends in packets. Until then, tea could only be bought loose in specialist shops, where it was found in large aluminum cans. Anders and Nissle, however, begin to offer it already packaged, introducing the idea that in this way the tea is better maintained from a hygienic point of view and preserves its aroma better.  "Digestiva": herbal tea with aromatic herbs with fennel and chamomile. Its calming and relaxing properties help and facilitate the natural digestive processes. Fennel is known as one of the best natural remedies for defeating abdominal swelling and all ailments affecting digestion. Chamomile, with recognized relaxing properties, is an excellent aid in digestion and contributes to the normal functioning of the intestinal tract. (1 x 18 tea bags - 39.6 grams). Gluten free. Suitable for a vegan diet.


Rooibos,anise,fennel 15%,chamomile 15%, peppermint, blackberry leaves, liquorice root.

Average Nutritional Value per 100ml Ready - made Herbal Tea

Energy  -  3kj  (1kcal)

Fat  -  0,1g

of which saturated  -  0,1g

Carbohydrate  -  0,1g

of which sugar  -  0,1g

Protein  -  0,1g

Salt  -  0,01g