Bonomelli Soluble Chamomile 100g

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Product Description

Chamomile tea is caffeine free and drunk in Italy before bedtime, also ideal for giving to children. A spoon of honey and lemon enhances the flavour. Very good quality, made with whole flowers and not powder. 

Bonomelli Filtrofiore Chamomile is unique because it is made with the entire top of the dried flower. In this way the rich and enveloping aroma of the plant is accompanied by the traditional relaxing properties of the whole flower, gathered at its most vital moment and rich in active ingredients and essential oils. It is made from a selection of the finest crops of chamomile in Italy, where Bonomelli oversees the production chain, from growing to packing to distribution around the world. It is perfect to enjoy during a relaxing moment in the evening or after meals. Bonomelli Filtrofiore has a special filter made of untreated paper that respects the environment and protects the natural properties of the flowers.

Ingredients: Camomile extract, Sugar, Gluten Free.

Preparation and Use Methods:

1 - Pour the contents of one or two sachets into a cup, add water at the desired temperature and mix: your chamomile is ready immediately. Perfectly soluble even in cold water.

For Children:

1 - Pour the contents of one sachet into the glass, add 100ml of water at the desired temperature and mix.

Nutritional values PER 100g       per Sachet of 5g
Energy -  1662kj / 391kcal  -  83kj  /  20kcal
Fats - 0g     -   0g
which Saturated fatty acids - 0g     -   0g
Carbohydrates - 96g    -     4,8g
of which Sugars - 95g     -    4,7g
Proteins - 0g      -     0g
Salt - 0,04g     -      0g