Growing veg for the 'Hungry Gap' (Mar-may)

Paolo Arrigo - 11/7/2019 on 20th Sep 2019

Fresh from our garden at RHS medal at Hampton Court flower show (shines medal... :-) ), we were educating people about a phenomenon in British farming called 'The Hungry Gap'.That is when our Britis … read more

Endangered vegetable varieties from Franchi seeds

Paolo Arrigo - 4/1/2019 on 20th Sep 2019

Endangered vegetable varieties you can help to supportFranchi are a remarkable company, not because we’re 7 continuous generations or we’re the only major seed brand selling in the UK that has produce … read more

Zolfini beans from Pratomagno, an endangered variety

Paolo Arrigo - 2/1/2019 on 20th Sep 2019

The Zolfino bean from PratomagnoSlow Food Ark of Taste variety which means that it is endangered.It was Emperor Charles V who supposedly introduced beans to Tuscany, following the European discovery o … read more