Tuscan Olive Trees Olea Europaea Frangivento *Mainland UK Only*

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Directly from Tuscany, we are really pleased to offer you some cracking olive trees 'Olea Europaea Frangivento' which are hardy enough to stay outside in a sheltered UK garden (frangivento means windbreak!) and they produce good olives.

The olive is one of the most iconic Italian trees along with the lemon (also available to order).

The olives are from a professional grower and are virus checked. At the moment we offer 3 sizes but we're happy to get larger trees.
- 5 litre small £15 (approx 80cm high)

- Mini standard £35 (approx 1.10m high)
- Large Standard £399 (over 2m high)
- Larger trees available by request.

Olives are self-pollinating so one lone tree will produce fruit.

Day and night temperatures and daylight hours have a big impact on fruiting.

Planting an olive grove with different varieties can improve the quantity and quality of the fruit. 

Like any evergreen old leaves are replaced by new ones, so to stop the tree looking “leggy” over the winter strong pruning in spring is needed.

If this is done and all the leaves fall in the winter then the soil is too wet and the drainage needs to be improved.

Tuscan Olive Trees Olea Europaea Frangivento *Mainland UK Only*

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