Ariosto "Aglio e Peperoncino" Garlic/Chilli 60g

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Ariosto is The Italian seasoning brand from the stylish city of Milan, made using only fresh herbs with absolutely no additional ingredients or preservatives. Used traditionally to make the famous pasta dish 'Spaghetti Aglio Olio Peperoncino which is often eaten past midnight and especially to soak up a hangover!
Ariosto "Aglio e Peperoncino" Garlic/Chilli 60g

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Written by Diana Ayres on 16th Mar 2022

Ariosto (chillies & garlic)

OK. However, quick & easy as it is, I do prefer the "old fashioned" method. I have added it to soups & tomato based sauces & it gives them a kick. I might try it on the boring Pollock as a seasoning.

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