Volcanic Roman Tufo Round Barbeque BBQ

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Tufo is the Volcanic rock which is found in Rome, called Tuff in English and it certainly is. It can be kept outside and is totally weatherproof, yet is lighter than normal rock and full of air holes, ash and other naturally occurring rocks. It has been used since Roman times and these contemporary BBQ's have been recreated in the Roman style, by Romans in Rome! You can't more regional than that..... They are elegant, a talking point, and will last the test of time. They come in 4 pieces on a pallet and are unique in the world. 

They come with all the metal accessories pictured and other styles and other garden products made from Tufo are available on request from benches and fountains to garden ornaments, pots, troughs etc. Needs to be fixed with stone glue at the base and to the grill stone.

Diametre 90cm, Height 80cm, 200kg total weight.

Volcanic Roman Tufo Round Barbeque BBQ

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