Collezione of Roman seed varieties

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Say Rome and you think of the Colloseum, Tiber and Trevi fountain, not to mention the Roman civilisation which changed the world we live in. Rome is a city of history, art, culture, style, and of course like all Italian cities, of food. Much Italian veg is still regional and often found only in it's home region - the varieties are genuine and have provenance. Roman dishes have their origins in the hills and rich countryside that surround the city. Presented in a beautiful gift box.

6 Roman varieties:
Courgette Romanesco, Artichoke Violetto, Cauliflower Romanesco, Roma Bean Supermarconi,Tomato Roma and Romaine Lettuce.
Lovely gift idea for a person who wants to create a personal Roman allotment.

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Collezione of Roman seed varieties

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