Eden Project Pumpkin ‘Moscade De Provence’ Cucurbita Moschata D

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Product Description

You can drive past fields of Moscade in Provence. This much-loved variety doesnt grow too large and resists cold. It has the depth of flavour your would expect from a regional heirloom variety. The fruits can be picked green, maturing to yellow after harvest. Moscade makes great pumpkin soup, pumpkin tortelli (ravioli), roasts and risottos. Its ready for harvesting around the end of October. If will store for months.  Pick when ripe with a long stalk, cure in the sun for a couple of weeks (inside if wet),  store in a well-ventilated room between 10 and 15oC.

Annual: Sow from February to May, 2cm deep, in pots of seed compost. Early sowings can be brought on indoors. Plant out when large enough to handle in well-manured ground in a sunny spot. Leave around a metre between plants as they can get quite big. Water when dry and harvest around Halloween.

Approximate seed quantity: @25 / 5g