Pane Carasau "Sardinian Bread" 250g (Carta Musica)

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Product Description

Pane Carasau "Sardinian Flatbread" 250g

Pane Carasau is typical of Sardegna and is also known as Sheet Music: It is a very thin unleavened dry flatbread which was taken by Sardinian Shepherds who would typically stay away for long periods. It is crisp and it is traditionally topped with say chopped tomatoes, mature cheeses and sliced meats with a drizzle of olive oil. But you can add what you fancy and it is not dissimilar to poppadoms in the way you might break it up and serve it though the consistency is different. This 250gr size is handy for a delicious snack, a brilliant starter or for picnics.  

Invented in Sardinia, loved throughout the world: this bread is tasty, crispy and as thin as a sheet of music. 

 Ingredients: Wheat bran, yeast, water, salt. Lactose free. Suitable for a vegan diet. 

ALLERGENS: Contains wheat

Average content per 100 g of the product
Calories: 348 kcal / 1476 kJ
Proteins: 13 g
Carbohydrates: 69g
of which sugar: 2.2 g
Fat: 1.6g
of which saturated: 0.3 g
Fiber: 3.6g
Salt: 1.3g