Mr Ton Tuna in Sunflower Oil by Callipo 160g Tin

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Mr Ton Tuna in Sunflower Oil by Callipo 160g Tin

Tins of tasty Italian tuna chunks preserved in sunflower oil. Established in 1913 in the Calabrian fishing town of Pizzo.Tuna meat is a dietary and healthy product, because it contains a lot of phosphorus, easily digestible proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A and B1. This is one of the few species of fish whose useful properties are not lost during canning. Callipo produces a wide range of top-quality pantry goods, including its signature product. Tuna in MISTER TON oil is made from a special type of tuna - yellowfin, it is one of the most expensive species of this fish, it is distinguished by a delicate and, at the same time, rich taste. Taste great on sandwiches, add to salads, prepare original sauces for pasta and many more dishes.


Yellowfin Tuna (FISH) "Thunnus albacares ", Olive Oil, Salt