Callipo 'Nduja Spilinga' 200g Jar

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By popular demand, we do fresh Nduja but we have been asked for the Spilinga Nduja. Made in Calabria using the famous local fiery chilli and local pork, this spreadable salame paste can be just put on toast, bruschetta or fried off gently as the base to a great tomato sauce with a kick for your pasta, polenta, gnocchi, lasagna etc. Once open, refrigerate it and eat within 30 days.

Callipo 'Nduja Spilinga' 200g Jar

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Written by Lynne Aldridge on 21st Nov 2022


This wonderful product has become a staple in our kitchen since I first bought it. Adds a little kick in so many things - sauces, soups, savoury baking - even a little suprise hidden in cheese on toast. Highly recommended.

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