LM3 Mixed Cutting Lettuces 50g

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Product Description

LM3 - This packet contains 13 Varieties all mixed together:

-Lettuce bionda ricciolina
-Lettuce verde ricciolina
-Lettuce riccia invernale (americana bruna)
-Lettuce Trionfo d'Estate
-Lettuce Bionda oak leaf
-Lettuce barba di frate
-Lettuce Rossa di trento
-Lettuce Quattro stagioni
-Lettuce Unicum
-Lettuce batavia a bordo rosso
-Lettuce Bionda a foglia liscia
-Romaine Lettuce Bionda degli ortolani
-Lettuce biscia rossa

Stagger the sowing to ensure a constant supply of leaves. All varieties are cut and come again. Approximately @40,000 seeds per packet.
To be sown from March to September.