La Florentina Marine wrapped soap 200g

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Tuscan handmade soaps with extra moisturizing and creamy effect.
These exclusive handmade soaps tell you the secrets of Tuscany together
with all the tuscan fragrance and flavours.
A specially vegetable formula enriched with olive oil and selected ingredients
for a qualitatively unique and creamy soap
200g soap bar (handwrapped)

Other scents available in the range:

- Pomegranate (with organic Rose extract)
- Boboli Citrus (with organic Orange extract)
- Olive flowers (with organic Olive oil)
- Porticciolo "Marine" (with organic Jojoba oil)
- Silver Cypress (with organic Cypress extract)
- Chianti grapes (with organic Grape extract)
- Sea Breeze (with organic Jojoba Oil)
- Wild Rose (with organic Wild rose extract)
- Lemon & Lavender (with organic lemon and lavender extract)
- Lavender (with organic lavender extract)
- Mediterranean Orange (with organic Orange extract)
- Magnolia ( with organic Magnolia extract)
- May Rose (with organic Rose extract)
- Lily of the valley (with organic Lily of the valley extract)
- Sweet almond (with organic sweet almond extract)
La Florentina Marine wrapped soap 200g

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