La Florentina Wild Rose wrapped soap 200g

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Product Description

La Florentina Wild Rose wrapped soap 200g

Tuscan handmade and handwrapped soaps with extra moisturizing and creamy effect.
These exclusive handmade soaps tell you the secrets of Tuscany as they are lodaded of all the typical local flavour and ingredients.
A special vegetable formula enriched with olive oil and selected ingredients for a qualitatively unique and creamy soap.
200g soap bar (handwrapped)

Other scents available in the range:

- Pomegranate (with organic Rose extract)
- Boboli Citrus (with organic Orange extract)
- Olive flowers (with organic Olive oil)
- Porticciolo "Marine" (with organic Jojoba oil)
- Silver Cypress (with organic Cypress extract)
- Chianti grapes (with organic Grape extract)
- Sea Breeze (with organic Jojoba Oil)
- Wild Rose (with organic Wild rose extract)
- Lemon & Lavender (with organic lemon and lavender extract)
- Lavender (with organic lavender extract)
- Mediterranean Orange (with organic Orange extract)
- Magnolia ( with organic Magnolia extract)
- May Rose (with organic Rose extract)
- Lily of the valley (with organic Lily of the valley extract)
- Sweet almond (with organic sweet almond extract)