Knorr Mamma che Brodo (Carne Mista) Broth with Mix Meat 1L

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Knorr Mamma che Brodo (Carne Mista) Broth with Mix Meat 1L
Introduce your taste buds to a world of flavour. Mamma che Brodo! Our unique beef & chicken-based broth will tantalize your tastebuds, delivering a medley of savoury, robust tastes. Just a single spoonful and you'll be hooked - a cup of this rich, homemade-style broth will tantalize your palate and leave you asking for more. Try it today and taste the beef & chicken broth ready to eat,  suitable for soups, risotto and white meats. 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives, without gluten, with the special cap open and close.  Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 2 days.
Water ingredients, natural flavours, salt, baking powder extract, meat extract, dehydrated vegetables 0.1% (onion*, celery, carrot*), triple tomato concentrate x 0.08%, beef 0.01%, 0.01%chicken meat. * Sustainable agricultural vegetables.
Nutritional Value - Per 100g    -    Per portion
Energy  -  17kJ - 27kJ  -   4kcal - 6kcal
Fats  -  0,5g     0,5g                       
of which: saturated fatty acids  -  0,1g - 0,1g 
Carbohydrates  -  0,5g  -  0,5g
of which sugars    -   0,5g  - 0,5g
Fibers  -   0,5g   -   0,5g
Proteins   -   0,5g   -   1,0g
Salt    -    0,82g   -  2,1g