Endangered Vegetables survival kit

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94% of all heritage vegetables have vanished in 100 years alone yet many gardeners will grow varieties like Gardeners Delight which have hundreds of producers and very little biodiverse value. Yet these are from the remaining 6% and some only have a few producers left.
Grow them, or lose them forever!

The kit contains 8 packets of seeds between the following varieties:

- Carrot Parisier

- Spinach Virofly

- Pumpkin 

- Tomato San marzano

- Escarole di Bergamo

- Chicory Castelfranco

- Borlotto Saluggia

- Cucumber melon

- French bean of Venice

- Asparagus

- Cardoon

-Root Chicory of Chiavari

- Hamburg Parsley

Endangered Vegetables survival kit

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