Datterino Bio Tomato 'Sugo' in Classic Beer Bottle 330g *Gluten Free*

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Datterino Bio Tomato 'Sugo' in Classic Beer Bottle 330g *Gluten Free* Ready to use!

In the old days, people were far more practical than we are today. In the south of Italy, it was tradition for the passata and tomato sauces to be put into used (cleaned!) beer bottles. What goes around, comes around and here they are again, a datterino tomato sauce from Sicily in the classic beer bottle. The ready-made datterino tomato sauce is made with this very sweet variety of cherry tomatoes with their characteristic elongated shape. The date tomatoes, grown in a greenhouse using natural methods, are then harvested manually and processed with traditional procedures, based on simplicity and authenticity. Creamy, fragrant and very tasty. Use with pasta of course but not only. I'd recommend them for stews and sauces to serve with polenta and gnocchi, and with meatballs they are just fantastic.

Datterino tomato 97%, extra virgin olive oil, salt, carrot, onion, basil, celery, sugar.*From Organic Farming* Ones open keep refrigerated and consume within 7 days. Gluten Free / 100% Vegan. 

Nutritional Value per 100g:

Energy  -  157kJ / 37kcal

Fat - 0,7g

of which saturated  -  0,1g

Carbohydrate  -  6,1g

of which sugar  -  5,5g

Fribre - 1,5g

Protein  -  1,0g

Salt  -  0,48g