Courgette Edible Flower

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*Heritage variety*

We Italians love eating courgette flowers (my father in law throws away the courgettes and eats only the flowers!) and they are still impossible to buy in the greengrocers especially because they must be picked first thing in the morning whilst open. This particular variety produces mainly male flowers on stalks and few fruits, so you will have numerous zucchini flowers for frying, Frittata Italian omelettes and for stuffing. Simply wash gently, hold the crown and twist and the crown and stamen will come away in your fingers leaving the meaty flower to use. Delicious.

To be sown from February to August.
Harvest from April to October.
Horticultural name: Cucurbita pepo L.
Approximate seeds quantity: @20 seeds
Courgette Edible Flower

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Written by Ann Ward on 5th Jul 2021

Courgette flowers

Great plants producing lots of big flowers

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