Collezione Veneto Seeds

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Say Venice and you think of Gondola's, St.Marks Square, Canals and the famous Carnevale with streets full of people wearing the distinctive white Venetian painted masks. Venice is a city of culture, art, history and style that has firm maritime roots. But like all Italian cities, it is a centre of regional food. Much Italian veg is still regional and often found only in it's home region. Although Venetian dishes have a strong maritime influence, the rich farmland that surrounds the city produces excellent quality vegetables in particular. Contains 6 Venetian varieties - Pumpkin Marina di Chioggia, Bean Meraviglia di Venezia, Radicchio Variegated of Castelfranco, Courgette Rugosa Friulana, Beetroot of Chioggia and  Borlotto Bean Lamon.
Lovely gift idea for a person who want to create a Venetian allotment, Click Here for gift bag options.

Collezione Veneto Seeds

Product Reviews

Written by Tony & Barbara Heaton on 1st Mar 2021


Quite satisfied with the seeds we got. Lots of colourful flowers - just what we wanted !

Written by James B Crossan on 9th Dec 2019


non vedo l'ora di crescere - e poi cucinare! Grazie