Black Summer Truffle Olive Oil 60ml

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Black Summer Truffle Olive Oil 60ml

The Black summer truffle is the only edible truffle found in the summer as all others are winter truffles.
Whilst not as highly regarded as the white, it is still has a good lingering flavour which goes well with risotto and pasta, with eggs, potatoes and asparagus.
Add after, not during cooking. Perfect for a romantic breakfast. 
Oil seasonings and truffle salt are real allies in the kitchen;

We can transform simple dishes “ pizza”, “focaccia”, prawns, sliced beef into excellent courses!


Energy 3404 KJ
  828 Kcal
Fat 92,0 g
of which saturates 14,9 g
Carbohydrate 0,0 g
of which sugars 0,0 g
Fiber 0,0 g
Protein 0,6 g
Salt 0,0 g