Aceto Pedroni 'Dote' Balsamic Vinegar IGP 250ml

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Aceto Pedroni 'Dote' Balsamic Vinegar IGP 250ml

Aged 1 year. Real Balsamic Vinegar is made with love and with good ingredients and with time, lots of time. It is not cheap vinegar which is thickened but instead the thickness comes with age in barrels. This IGP vinegar was one of more than 20 we tried at Expo Tutto Food Milan and just stood out, it was just sensational.

The Dote is a special vinegar produced in small quantities and is traditionally given at weddings and the Anniversario was produced specially in even smaller quantities to celebrate Pedroni's 150th anniversary in 2012. A bottle goes a long way and are superb on strawberries, with cheeses, or both (Parmesan and Pears), in salads... but the quality is just very good. PGI guarantees its regional provenance.
250ml bottle.


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    Aceto Pedroni Balsamic Vinegar

    Posted by Melissa Segalov on 4th Jul 2021

    A little bit of luxury with a lovely taste, great for dipping with lovely olive oil and great freshly baked bread. Its super on salad and especially a tomato salad....