Amato Traditional Tuna stuffed Calabrian Chillies 314g jar

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Amato Traditional Tuna stuffed Calabrian Chillies 314g jar

NEW format a speciality of Calabria! Chillies have been eaten by humans since at least 6,000 years BC in Ecuador, the Romans certainly used them and Cristoforo Colombo brought them to Europe in 1493, straight into Spain and Italy before then heading into India and the East. And so they are very popular all over Italy even today, being used in a wide range of dishes, the most famous probably being Spaghetti Aglio Olio Peperoncino (garlic, olive oil and dried chilli) which is a dish eaten always after midnight as an impromptu party dish in the early hours to soak up the vino drunk earlier in the evening. Spaghetti alla Puttesca also springs to mind made with a rich tomato sauce which has cooked over a long period, reducing down to a velvety red and laced with fiery chillies to give it a kick. Marco at Peperoncino is passionate about chillies and he transform them with skill, passion and pride using traditional family recipes from his home region in the South of Italy where they are hardwired into the DNA of Southern Italian cooking. Were pleased to present 2 excellent products from his range for you to enjoy, both traditional and both delicious.

STUFFED CHILLIES is a speciality of Calabria, these round chillies are quite mild and because they are round, they are often stuffed to bursting with tuna and then arranged into jars of extra virgin olive oil and served as a starter perhaps with some fresh cream cheese, a drizzle of the oil around the plate, some good bread....... good food is simple food but only if using the best ingredients. 314g 


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    Peperoncini Ripieni

    Posted by Tony Newcombe on 25th Jan 2021

    These are fabulous! Tasty and you could almost think yourself in a lovely little trattoria in Italy!