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TOMATILLO PHYSALIS IXOCARPA - Typical South American fruit, also known as Husk Tomato, ground cherry or Jamberry.  Annual plant, rustic and easy to grow. Bushy and upright, it will produce small yellow flowers with a dark central mark. The medium sized fruit is a light green and harvested from around the middle of July and is surrounded by a husk and harvested like a tomato, and this is also why it is called a Husk Tomato, but is also known as a ground cherry or jam berry.
approx 650 seeds per packet


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    Posted by Jasmin on 24th Oct 2021

    Grew tomatillos for the first time this summer. Will definitely grow again. Dead easy to grow, no pinching out etc. Just make sure you grow them in very big pots and stake them with say, four bamboo canes in each corner and tied together with sturdy string. Tomatillos have very big bushy heads with a small stem so they’re prone to flopping over. Make sure you grow at least two plants as they don’t self-pollinate. Superb for attracting bees and hover flies! They can be eaten raw but make the most wonderful salsa - cut in half, roast in a hot oven, then coarsely blitz with chopped onion, lime juice, coriander, chilli, a bit of salt, some garlic (optional) - it’s the best salsa ever!

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    Tomatillo seeds

    Posted by helene brandon on 23rd Jun 2021

    Great to find these on sale. Tomatillos aren’t well known but the fruit is fabulous fir salsa or pasta sauce