Tigullio Ricotta & Pistachio 185g *Gluten Free*

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Product Description

Tigullio Ricotta & Pistachio 185g *Gluten Free*

Tigullio expands the range of special pestos and returns to offer new taste experiences with Tigullio cacio e pepe and Tigullio ricotta e pistachio. The first is a tribute to tradition; the second is confirmation of Tigullio's peculiar ability to create new flavour combinations. Tigullio special pestos were born from the idea of ​​extending the concept of Genoese pesto to new combinations of ingredients. This is how Tigullio creates his special pestos: looking for those combinations that can enhance each other or finding that detail that can make traditional recipes taste as if it were the first time every time. This creative process finds its maximum expression in the two latest special pestos proposed: Tigullio cacio e pepe with the strong flavour of pecorino romano DOP and the intensity of black peppercorns; Tigullio ricotta and pistachio: the delicacy of ricotta meets the crunchiness of pistachios. 


Zuchinis,Sunflower oil,Potatoes,Glucose syrup,Ricotta 6% (whey, cream, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid),Sale,Almonds,Pistachios 2%,Milk's proteins,Vegetable fibers (potato, bamboo),Whey powder,Spirulina and apple concentrate,Acidity regulator: lactic acid,Natural flavour,Curcuma,Dill. May contain traces of other nuts and eggs. Once open keep refridgerated and consume within 5 days.

Allergens: Contains Almonds,May contain Eggs,Does not contain gluten,Contains Milk,Contains Pistachios,May contain nuts. Other text related to allergens: Cream - Contains. May contain traces of other nuts and eggs. Gluten free

Nutrition Typical Value 100g:

Energy  -  1508kJ/365kcal
Fat  -  33g
of which saturates  -  3,5g                                                                
Carbohydrate  -  13g
of which sugars  -  6,9g                                                             
Fibre  -  2,3g
Protein  -  2,8g
Salt  -  3,3g