Star Shrimp Risotto my Risotto - 175g 2Servings

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Product Description

Star Shrimp Risotto my Risotto - 175g 2Servings

Delicious risotto ready in just 18 minutes, enriched with fresh prawns and with an intense and creamy flavour.

The Star shrimp risotto - my risotto is an exquisite and delicious dish that will conquer the palate of lovers of good food. This combines the creaminess and delicacy of risotto with the fine flavour of shrimp. The risotto, carefully prepared using the best Arborio rice, is soft and creamy, with a perfect consistency that envelops every bite. The prawns, carefully selected to guarantee freshness and quality, add a touch of unique taste and aroma to every bite. The Star shrimp risotto is enriched with fresh and genuine ingredients, such as fresh parsley and garlic, which give an intense and inviting aroma to the dish. The combination of these flavours makes each portion a true explosion of taste. This risotto is ideal for those who want to delight in a refined tasty dish, perfect for a special lunch or dinner. Savour the authentic flavour of the sea with star shrimp risotto and treat yourself to a unique and delicious experience.

100% Italian rice, no added glutamate, no preservatives, 2 Servings.

Recommendations for use:

Pour the contents of the bag and 500 ml of cold water into a pan with a diameter of 18-20 cm.  Mix carefully, bring to the boil and cook for approximately 15 minutes without a lid. In the microwave it is ready in 18 minutes with 600 ml of cold water at 750 watts. Be careful when opening the microwave and removing the container. The result may vary depending on the container and cooking system used.
Storage: keep in a cold and dry place.

Parboiled rice (84%),"Type 0" soft wheat flour,Dehydrated shrimp 3%,salt,Tomato 1.2%,Sunflower oil,Onion,Flavors,Modified potato starch,Broth extract,Garlic,Glucose syrup,Parsley (0.1%),Milk's proteins,May contain traces of: celery, eggs, fish and soy. May Contain: Celery May Contain: Eggs Contains: Milk May Contain: Fish May Contain: Soy Contains: Wheat/Wheat

 Nutritional \value per 100g   -   per portion
Energy  -  471kj / 111kcal           1324kj / 312kcal
Fat  -  0,9g                                 2,4g
of which saturated  -  0g              0,2g
Carbohydrate  -  23g                   65g
of which sugar  -  0,2g                 0,6g
Fidre  -  0,3g                               0,8g
Protein  -  2,6g                            7,3g
Salt  -  0,79g                               2,2g