Squash Serpente Di Sicilia GL

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*Heritage variety*

Sicilian snakes, known as cucuzz in America from its local Sicilian name, has fruits that can grow up to 2m long. It is also a climber, and would climb all over you if you stood still long enough! It is traditionally grown on a wooden frame with the fruits hanging down, but it can trail along the ground. The young lateral growing shoots, 'tenerumi', can be  boiled and eaten with pasta.The fruits are eaten roasted, mashed or in soups, and to make Sicilian jam, marmellata di zucca with lemon rind and 50% sugar. This is an annual variety.

To be sow from February to May, 2cm deep, in pots of seed compost.
Early sowings can be brought on indoors.
Plant out when large enough to handle in well-manured ground in a sunny spot.
Grow over a frame or trellis or leave plenty of room around it so it can trail along the ground. 

Approximate seeds quantity: @40 seeds.
Horticultural name: Lagenaria vulgaris L.
Squash Serpente Di Sicilia GL

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