Rummo 250g Straw & Hay "Paglia e Fieno" All'uovo n105

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Product Description

Rummo 250g Straw & Hay "Paglia e Fieno" All'uovo n105

Rummo Paglia e Fieno all’uovo (Straw & Hay) - classic yellow egg tagliatelle and green tagliatelle coloured with spinach. These long, narrow ribbons of pasta are made from the best quality durum wheat semolina and the purest water from the Sannio Valley to ensure that the pasta consistently has a great flavour, texture and bite.This pasta creation results from the fusion of yellow and green tagliatelle, achieved by incorporating fresh spinach into the traditional pasta dough. Antonio Rummo first established his fresh pasta business in Benevento, Campania (Italy) in 1846 and today the company benefit's from the experience of six generations of master pasta makers. Rummo Lenta Lavorazione is the only pasta to be approved by the Italian Cooks Federation.This time-honored approach, rooted in traditional and artisanal techniques, reflects Rummo's commitment to using the finest ingredients and ensuring a careful pasta-making process. Rummo is one of the most well known producers of pasta in Italy and is famous for its Lenta Lavorazione method of production which combines the best of ingredients, with care and patience. Due to this unique production method Rummo pasta remains al dente and retains itsshap even if you get distracted and leave it to cook for a little too long or if you leave it cool and then reheat it. Cooks in 3 minutes.


Egg Pasta: Durum wheat semolina, Eggs (23,9%). Egg pasta with pinach: Durum wheat semolina, Eggs (23,4%), Dehydrated spinach (1,8%).

Nutrition Typical Value Per 100g

Energy  -  1561kJ / 369kcal
Fat  -  3,5g
of which saturates  -  1,0g
Carbohydrate  -  66,5g
of which sugars  -  2,2g
Fibre  -  2,5g
Protein  -  16,5g
Salt  -  0,155g