Rhubarb Swiss Chard

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V68 - Chard (Bieta in Italian) is related to beetroot (Bietola in Italian!) and so you sometimes get red chard. This is why chard has that lovely earthy flavour though not as earthy as beetroot and sometimes has this lovely red stalk. Food is about flavour yes, but also colour. Chard is a great vegetable because it is 2 in one really with the leaf you can use like spinach, and the stalk which is meaty and goes so well with eggs and cheddar cheese. 

Approximate seeds quantity:@1800
Sow: from March - June 

Partnership plant: CarrotsCauliflowerCabbage, Bean,  Radish,

What to sow after: Cauliflower,Cucumber, Chicory, Bean, 
Endive, Lettuce, Melon, Pea,Leek, Radish, Courgette.