Radicchio Rosso Di Treviso Tardiva

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Product Description

*Heritage Variety*
Days to Maturity: 110

R3 - An Italian favourite from Northern Italy and the first Italian vegetable to be issued with DOP status like Champagne. Needs the frost to turn red and easily resists sub zero temperatures. Compact long heads.   The best thing is to plant during late June and transplant out in July. Then Nov/Dec pull them up, roots and all and put them in trays of soil in the dark in a shed or barn (in Italy they would be placed in running water!) and they will produce new red and white leaves and heart up. There is a great piece on chicory by Charles Dowding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIpgCt21qxo  

Approximate seeds quantity:@4000
Sow: from May - August and Harvest October - March.

Partnership plant: Carrot, Bean, Fennel, Lettuce, Pepper, 

What to sow after: Cauliflower, Cabbage, Cucumber, Bean,
 Aubergine, Melon, Pepper,  Pea, Tomato, Radish, Courgette.