Eden Project Poppy ‘Rhoeas Semplice Rosso’ - Papaver rhoeas

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Product Description

The red poppy is found in profusion all over Europe and North Africa. In U.K it became a symbol of remembrance after World War 1. Incidentally in France it is La Bluette (the corn flower) and in Italy the daffodil. Red poppies are also typical of the Italian countryside where they can be seen growing in both hot and cold regions, in alpine meadows, on Tuscan hillsides, and even on the sides of volcanoes. Poppies are becoming less common in northern Europe due to modern farming practices.

Annual. For best results, sow in autumn where you want them to flower on to the surface of clean, disturbed soil – poppies benefit from a winter chilling period. For a long-lasting display, continue to sow throughout spring. The seeds are tiny so you could mix with a little dry soil or fine sand before sowing to ensure they are evenly distributed. 

Horticultural name: Papaver rhoeas

Approximate seed quantity: @6000 / 1g