Pomi' Passata 1 litre

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Product Description

Pomi Tomato Passata Sauce – 1 Litre

"Pizza? Your favorite dish, and also that of many Italians.
You like making it at home, from the pasta to the sauce.
But this time, you open the fridge and see with regret that you have run out of tomatoes to make fresh homemade puree.
You have Pomi Passata di Pomodoro at home!
Made only with the sweetness of the best Italian tomato sauce, it is fresh and creamy
Passata di pomodoro Pomi - Italian Passata made from selected tomatoes with added salt, no more additional ingredients. 
The sauce has a fresh and classic taste and will become a universal ingredient for many recipes.
Passata is suitable for pizza, pasta, cream soups, meat and other dishes, it is often used as a base for sauce and your favorite greens, garlic and various spices are added.
The new cap , for example, 30% larger and more manageable, makes the package even more practical to open and, thanks to the particular inclination, ensures that pouring is simple and precise and the drip-catcher system even more effective. 
Furthermore, once the product has been opened, the cap allows it to be preserved better, reducing waste. 
The edges and the square section allow a firm, comfortable and non-slip grip: it does not break and can be stored in a horizontal position.

Another important aspect linked to the theme of sustainability , a key value for Pomì, is the material used: the new packages are made of FSC paper , coming from correctly and responsibly managed forests, and can be completely disposed of (once rinsed) in separate waste collection.