Pizza Oven Wood Burning/Smoker. 70x70cm/ 55KG, Portable - Metal Door

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Product Description

*Mainland UK only* For your garden or business, hand made in Florence by artisans and NOT to be confused with similar looking products made with inferior imported materials, these are Italian made professional ovens - Beware of expensive imitations.
They  are completely mobile and portable and whilst large, 2 people can take them to an event, to a pizza party, a family gathering or they can even be vehicle mounted and used to make pizze at festivals etc (ours are certified for food use).
It can be used without the frame and they make proper Italian pizza, breads and can be used to roast meats, slow cooked stews and anything you would normally put into an oven. They are artisan made and will give years and years of pleasure even if used daily or just occasionally. Stone colour, with glass door and support with wheels 70x70cm (60cmx 60cm inside large enough for two pizze). Opening is 36cm wide and it will take 2 pizze. Weight of oven is 35kg and the heat bricks are 15kg total only 50kg. Can be transported separately. 

Using wood ensures pizze cook at 400c+ in 45 seconds and at 320c in just a minute and a half and anything you throw in there will have a superb flavour and they are proper daily use ovens and not like a BBQ. 

There is a temperature indicator on the outside of the oven and these are for summer and winter use and can easily be wheeled around (even whilst still warm) for different areas of the garden or for winter storage if not in use.

Please note that it does not have to be outside so long as you put a chimney, nor do they have to be used on the frame and they can even be built into a chimney breast or kitchen so long as they are properly ventilated following current legal requirements but lots of houses in Italy will have a pizza oven either inside or out.

This oven will change your cooking habits and you won't believe that you can get Italian standard quality in your own home! By closing the chimney and using a cold smoking kit inside, you can smoke your own fish, make bacon etc....

Delivered by Palletworks on a pallet in one large box (the pizza oven, the bricks which cannot be shipped inside the oven in case it was tipped over for example and the frame). Certified for food use.

All Material made in ITALY/CEE and all wood ovens Patented and Certified for food use to ensure the highest quality and reliability for your business or private use! 

Ready to go in minutes - 
See the ovens in use at a wedding party in the UK

Oven in use at a market

How to light the fire

How to set it up (i've done it and it is straight forward!)

External size 70 x 70 cm = 0.49 mq (27” ½ x 27” ½)
Cook top internal size 60 x 60 cm = 0.36 mq (23” 5/8 x 23” 5/8)
Weight 50 kg (110 lb.)
Weight without bricks 35 kg (77 lb.)
Average consumption 2.5 Kg/h (5.5 lb./h)
Pizzas 2 round pizza or a long 55-60cm
Avalaible colours
Red, Green, Bronze, Stone, Gunmetal
Max temperature recommended
550 ºC – 1022 ºF
Indoor dome material
Stainless Steel 18/10!
External dome material
Painted Aluminum: easy to clean and long durability
By purchasing a Pizza Party 70×70 will have included in the price:
Spartifiamma, Alzalegna, regulated flue, traditional door, thermometer, 6 + 2 firebricks
HEATING TIME: Just 20 minutes to bring the pizza oven to temperature. This can be achieved thanks to the special structure and high-quality materials. 

Efficiency: inside you bake two pizzas at the same time, cooking time 1-2 minutes and you will be able to meet comfortably the requests of 18-20 guests in your home. Moreover, thanks to the use of long pizza peel it is possible to make the so-called “pizza al metro” to cook large pizzas