Piastrella dei profumi - Plaster scent tile head scarf fairy embossed plaque.

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Product Description

Scent tile plaster plaque

This delicate plaster plaque has been cast and beautifully hand finished by a London artist. The cord and bead allow you to hang this scent plaque in your favorite chillout room or to fragrance a wardbrobe. Spray them with your favorite scent or dab them with the lavender scent provided. Three different designs are available to choose from Berries and leaf plaque, Head Scarf Fairy and Hat Fairy. Cords and bead may vary. They make a lovely gift for someone special.

The artist has would like to spread the message about the importance of polinating wildlife and has enclosed some lavender seeds for planting. 

Caution: The plaques are made of plaster and will chip or crack if dropped. If placing in a wardrobe please take care not to rest the plaque onto your clothes as the scented oils or may damage your clothes or surfaces.