Passion for pasta Arrabbiata herb mix

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Passion for Pasta Herbs 10g
These fabulous sachets contain all the seasoning you need to recreate delicious pasta classics at home. Each 10g sachet contains enough for 250g pasta (2-3 servings). £1.19

This range contains:
- Aglione: Garlic, chilli, calt, parsley, chervil.
- Arrabbiata: Chilli, garlic, parsley, basil.
- Cacio & Pepe: Bread crumbs, black pepper, pecorino cheese powder, salt, onion, garlic, chilli pepper, mint.
- Porcini & Tartufo: Salt, parsley, tomato, mint, garlic, Porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis), chillies, summer truffle.
- Puttanesca: Chilli, garlic, tomato, salt, black olives, courgette, oregano.

Passion for pasta Arrabbiata herb mix

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