Pappardelle All'uovo n.98 Riscossa 500g

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Product Description

Pappardelle All'uovo n.98 Riscossa 500g

Riscossa Egg Pappardelle: Carefully crafted with high-quality eggs and the finest durum wheat semolina. Our Eggs Pappardelle is renowned for its wide, flat shape and delicately smooth texture, making it an ideal partner for both creamy sauces and ragus. This particular pasta variety can be cooked in 8 minutes.  Riscossa has become a household name in Italy, known for its traditional and simple yet delicious pasta varieties. Dating back to 1902, the company is renowned for selecting the finest durum wheat from the regions of Puglia and Basilicata, ensuring the continuation of traditional Italian pasta making. With over a century of experience in the kitchen, Riscossa represents not just a pasta brand but an icon in Italian food culture and despite the adoption of modern technology over time, Riscossa has maintained its passion for authenticity and heritage.

Nutrition Value Per Serve /  Per 100g:

Energy  -  1331kj  /  1585kj

Carbohydrates - 57g / 68g

of which sugars - 1,8g  /2,1g

Protein  -  12,6g  /  15,0g

Fat - 34g  /  4,0g

of which saturates  - 1,5g  /  1,8g

Sodium  -  22mg  /  26mg

Eggs 19,36%, Water