Paneangeli Sugar Granule, Pastry Decoration (Zucchero Granella) 125g

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Product Description

Paneangeli Sugar Granule, Pastry Decoration (Zucchero Granella) 125g

This decorative sugar is a real classic, PANEANGELI granulated sugar can be used on the cake before cooking or on the cake after cooking. All the crunchiness of sugar for simple and effective decorations. What could be better than decorating your chocolate cake or any cake of your choice, with a sprinkle of granella sugar to give your cake an extra touch. And this fine tasting sugar appeals to any age. Sprinkle your creations with magic and bring a stunning result to the table. Recommendations for use: sprinkle the cake with granulated sugar while it is still cooking or, if the cake is already cooked, brush the surface with honey or heated jam and sprinkle with granulated sugar.

Storage: Keep in a cold and dry place. The contents of a 125 g pack is enough to decorate two or three cakes, creating fun and original designs and decorations.

Sugar. Gluten free. May contain milk, soy, nuts.

Nutrition Typical Values per 100 g
Energy  -  1700kJ / 400kcal
Fat  -  0
of which saturates  -  0g
Carbohydrate  -  100g
of which sugars  -  100g
Protein  -  0g
Salt  -  0g